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HD Hyundai Global Talents Gather to Learn the “Hyundai Spirit”

- 49 Participants from 11 Overseas Subsidiaries in 11 Countries Gather to Strengthen Solidarity Among Local Talents Worldwide
- Participants Expanded to Global Staff of Group Companies... Enhancing Sense of Belonging and Mission
- Expecting a solid partnership between headquarters and subsidiaries to enable extensive interactions

2024. 5. 27
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HD Hyundai is hosting a "Global Staff" invitation event to bring 49 local employees from 11 countries in North America, Europe, and Asia to its headquarters on June 1, 2024 (Saturday). The event will give participants a chance to tour the group's main facilities and strengthen business ties.

HD Hyundai invited top local talents from its global operations to Korea to share the group's past, present, and future vision, strengthening global solidarity.

HD Hyundai announced today that it will host a "Global Staff" invitation event from May 27 (Monday) to June 1 (Saturday), 2024 for local employees of its overseas subsidiaries. The event will give participants the opportunity to tour the company's global R&D center in Pangyo, Ulsan shipyard, and other major production facilities and research institutes and to strengthen ties with headquarters.

HD Hyundai's "Global Staff” refers to “locally hired employees.” Earlier this year, the group decided to use this term to strengthen the sense of belonging and commitment among local staff.

This event—the first of its kind within HD Hyundai’s construction equipment division—was launched last year to enhance the sense of belonging among outstanding overseas local talents and to expedite the establishment of the group's new value system at overseas workplaces.

Due to the positive response from participating employees and improved communication between headquarters and subsidiaries after the first event, target participants have been expanded this year to include global staff from group companies in addition to the construction equipment division. Last year, 39 overseas local employees from three construction machinery companies participated.

This year's event brought together 49 global staff members from 11 countries employed by Hyundai affiliate overseas subsidiaries including HD Hyundai XiteSolution, HD Hyundai Construction Equipment, and HD Hyundai Infracore as well as group companies such as HD Hyundai Oilbank, HD Hyundai Electric, and HD Hyundai Marine Solution.

As the organizer of the event, HD Hyundai XiteSolution is providing global staff with training on the group's history, business status, and HD Hyundai's value system. The company is also running a variety of programs such as workshops and special lectures to ensure that the group's vision is effectively communicated to overseas local workplaces through these employees.

To strengthen further the cooperation system between the domestic headquarters and overseas subsidiaries, organizations and staff members with related work will also have time to exchange information on each other's cultures and work styles.

"I hope this event will serve as a platform for wide-ranging exchanges among HD Hyundai members, fostering comradeship and synergy that transcend borders. The company will actively support global staff so that they can spread the unique essence of HD Hyundai—represented by challenge and innovation—to all corners of the world,” HD Hyundai XiteSolution CEO Young-cheul Cho said in his welcome address.