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‘HYUNDAI’ Engine Unveils Its Next-Generation Environment-Friendly Technologies in Europe

- At INTERMAT 2024, the company staged an unveiling event for proprietary environment-friendly engines called DX05 and DX08.
- Showcased environment-friendly solutions such as electrification battery packs and hydrogen engines to the European market.
- We are “tirelessly committed to the development of innovative electrification solutions for a sustainable future”

2024. 4. 25
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At INTERMAT 2024 held in Paris, France, HD Hyundai Infracore hosted an unveiling ceremony for ‘DX05’ and ‘DX08’, its new environment-friendly engine models. In attendance were Director Lim Hyung-taek of the Engine Sales Division, CEO Cho Young Cheul and Director Jeong Wook of the Engine Product Development Division (from left to right).

Engine brand ‘HYUNDAI’ of HD Hyundai Infracore is adeptly embracing the challenge to become a total powertrain solution provider in Europe. 

HD Hyundai Infracore announced on April 25 (Thursday) that in Paris, it staged an event at INTERMAT 2024 to unveil proprietary 5 liter and 7.5 liter-grade engines called DX05 and DX08, respectively, that highlight its dedication to environment-friendly technology. 

In attendance at the event was President/CEO Cho Young Cheul of HD Hyundai Infracore accompanied by representatives from key countries such as Germany, the UK, and Italy. 

The new unveiled engines use as fuel not only diesel, but also HVO (hydrotreated vegetable oil) recognized as a next-generation biofuel. Slated for a global launch by the end of this year, they will debut in Europe before expanding to other regions. 

Both engines fully meet the latest exhaust emission standards implemented by the EU and U.S., known as "Stage V" and "Tier-4 Final" respectively. 

Targeting the EU market whose transition to environment-friendly energy has been the fastest globally, HD Hyundai Infracore set up a dedicated ‘HYUNDAI’ engine booth at INTERMAT 2024. Here, the company unveiled its next-generation environment-friendly product lineup, featuring electrification battery packs and hydrogen engines. 

The electrification battery packs are especially advantageous for operating vehicles for long hours, employing an optimal structural design that maximizes energy density. The explosion- retardant design boosts safety, making the packs highly suitable for use in construction equipment as well as various electric power conversion applications. 

Also unveiled by the company was the 11 liter-grade hydrogen engine called ‘HX12’. Hydrogen engines do not discharge carbon dioxide and unlike electric batteries, offer high power output, making them ideal solutions for powering large construction equipment and off-road vehicles being operated for long hours.

In the second half of this year, HD Hyundai Infracore plans to launch a pilot operation of a hydrogen engine for power generation and plans to expand its engine lineup to 22 liter-grade and above in the future. 

President/CEO Cho Young Cheul of HD Hyundai Infracore said, “At this year’s INTERMAT, we showcased our next-generation engine technologies for making the world a better place” and asserted, “We are tirelessly committed to the development of innovative electrification solutions for a sustainable future”.  

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At the INTERMAT 2024 held in Paris, CEO Cho Young Cheul of HD Hyundai Infracore examines ‘DX05’ and ‘DX08’, the company’s new environment-friendly engines.