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HD Hyundai Construction Equipment Businesses Invites ‘Global Top Talents’ to Korea

- Invited to strengthen connectedness and spread key values of HD Hyundai to global offices
- Will visit business offices in Incheon, Ulsan, and attend the K-Pop Dream Concert to support bidding of World Expo 2030 in Busan, Korea

2023. 5. 26
Global talents of HD Hyundai’s three construction equipment companies visiting the Global R&D Center in Pangyo, Korea and taking a commemorative photo at in front of the Great Wall where statements of the founder Ju-young Chung are engraved.

The construction equipment business of HD Hyundai shared on the 26th that they will be holding a ‘Global Top Talents’ program in which they invite top talents in each of their global offices to Korea.

This year’s invite program is the first since HD Hyundai established the three construction equipment companies system in 2021 which include HD Hyundai XiteSolution, HD Hyundai Construction Equipment, and HD Hyundai Infracore. The program aims to strengthen connectedness towards HD Hyundai and help establish its new set of values early on in global businesses as over 85% of global revenue is created from overseas markets. HD Hyundai’s construction equipment business plans to continue operating this program based on the attendees feedback.

Thirty seven employees from global offices in seven countries including the US, China, India, Brazil, Belgium, Czech Republic, and Norway arrived in Korea on the 22nd. Those that were invited have been named CAs (Change Agents) as they are considered young and talented employees bound to lead future change.

HD Hyundai XiteSolution prepared a program until the 27th which will help attendees better understand HD Hyundai’s business, history, and global strategies. It also will hold a workshop in which it shares the new values of HD Hyundai and trains attendees to spread it to those in each of their offices back home.

In addition to HD Hyundai’s Global R&D center in Pangyo, Korea, participants will be visiting factories and research facilities of the construction equipment businesses in Incheon, Yong-in, and Ulsan. They will also be visiting the globally renowned Ulsan dockyard. The program also includes a visit to Busan where the 29th Dream Concert will be held, a K-pop concert in which subsidiaries of HD Hyundai have been sponsoring. In addition to watching K-pop performances, they will be supporting the bidding of World Expo 2030 in Busan, Korea.

HD Hyundai XiteSolution President and CEO Young-cheul Cho shared in his welcoming speech, “To fulfill our mission and vision for the next fifty years, please stand at the forefront in absorbing and stabilizing the new set of values as part of our corporate culture," and added, " I sincerely hope that your visit to Korea will be an opportunity for all of us to overcome regional barriers and understand each other even more in becoming one single family.”<EOD>