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HD Hyundai Infracore Removes Doosan from its Name

- In addition to the new brand ‘DEVELON’, Doosan removed from the corporate name to strengthen identity of HD Hyundai
- Hyundai Genuine, Hyundai Construction Equipment to also change names to HD Hyundai XiteSolution, HD Hyundai Construction Equipment
- CEO Young-cheul Cho, “Will become a global player in smart construction solutions with the new name”

2023. 3. 27

The new CI of HD Hyundai Infracore
The new CI of HD Hyundai Infracore

HD Hyundai Infracore, a subsidiary of HD Hyundai’s Construction Equipment business will be reinforcing its identity as a member of HD Hyundai by removing Doosan from its name after a year and a half since its acquisition.

HD Hyundai Infracore held its general shareholder’s meeting at 9am on Monday, Mar. 27 at its headquarter located in Incheon, Korea and passed the resolution to modify the articles of association to change the corporate name from Hyundai Doosan Infracore to ‘HD HYUNDAI INFRACORE’.

With this, HD Hyundai Infracore will no longer be using Doosan in their corporate name and brand since launching a new construction equipment brand early this year.

The change in the corporate name is a result of long and thorough consideration to maximize synergist effects among the three construction equipment businesses along with the need to build a single and united identity after introducing a new name and CI for HD Hyundai late last year.

President and CEO of HD Hyundai Infracore, Young-cheul Cho, mentioned during his opening statement at the shareholder’s meeting that “We will proudly become a global player that represents HD Hyundai with this new name and a new mindset,” and added, “We will also present innovative products and services that are electrified, eco-friendly, and unmanned while listening to the voices of our customers and work on becoming a frontrunner in smart construction solutions.”

Meanwhile, all three construction equipment businesses of HD Hyundai will be changing their corporate names as of their recent general shareholder’s meetings. Hyundai Construction Equipment has already changed its name to ‘HD HYUNDAI CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT’ at its shareholder’s meeting held last Wednesday, Mar. 22, while Hyundai Genuine plans to decide changing its name to ‘HD HYUNDAI XITESOLUTION’ at its shareholder’s meeting on Tuesday, Mar. 28. <EOD>