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Doosan Infracore enhances productivity by providing core technologies on smart factories to its vendors

- Support for implementation of a manufacturing execution system (MES) to 5 vendors
- MES implementation leading to localization of parts

2021. 6. 30
Doosan Infracore's Executive VP Yongjin Lee (right) and TESK CEO Jeongsang Hwang (left) pose for a commemorative photo after signing an MOU to support the smart factory construction.

Doosan Infracore announced on June 30 that it plans to support five vendors for implementing MES, one of the core smart factory programs, this year.

The five partners selected for this year's support include TESK Co., Ltd., which supplies engine exhaust post-treatment systems, Sunjin Precision, Woojin, Donglim Company, and Chung Woo ATS.

Doosan Infracore has carried out the Leading Supplier program, a unique shared growth program that raises the competitiveness of its vendors, by spreading best practices and innovative techniques each year since 2014. The company supports suppliers’ production operation, quality assurance, and manufacturing know-how based on its vendor fostering program. This MES implementation support is also part of the Leading Supplier program.

Doosan Infracore plans to help these vendors implement MES until the end of this year. MES is a system that improves production efficiency by integrating and managing real-time data, such as production plan, material flow, and quality information, into a single platform.

"The commitment of Doosan Infracore to support its vendors even under difficult market conditions is very reassuring. We expect the implementation of MES, which is the foundation for a smart factory, to improve productivity as well as help us secure global-level quality competitiveness,” said CEO Jeongsang Hwang of TESK, which participated in this year's MES implementation program.

Doosan Infracore has supported a total of 32 companies through its Leading Supplier program since 2014. In particular, it has helped its vendors in implementation in connection with the government's smart factory support project since 2019. As a result of the smart factory construction support program, four companies including Daekyung Corp. in 2019 and six companies including Kunyoung Tech in 2020 completed MES.

Having received support for MES implementation in 2019, Daekyung Corp. improved its productivity by about 24% and reduced the defect rate by about 43%. Based on the improved quality, Daekyung Corp. and Doosan Infracore had jointly participated in a national project to localize solenoid valves, which had been imported, since 2020 and completed the development. It is a successful case of improving operational efficiency through support for a vendor’s implementation of MES that led to the localization of parts. Kunyoung Tech, which received support for MES implementation in 2020, is also in the process of localizing steering column parts—which are dependent on imports—for wheel excavators and loaders through quality improvement and productivity increase.

“Amid the market changes caused by the 4th Industrial Revolution, it is crucial for our vendors to operate smart factories. We plan to achieve the goal of becoming the global no. 1 together by improving vendors’ competitiveness through MES,” said Yongjin Lee, Doosan Infracore’s Executive Vice President for Purchasing. <End>

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