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Doosan Infracore CEO Sohn Dong-youn: “Data-based decision making is the key to future competitiveness”

- Presentation of outcomes of “Digital Transformation (DT)” at a CTO Club lecture
- Simultaneous increase of efficiency and execution power through a big data collaboration platform ... Practicing “innovation” in everyday life

2021. 6. 25
Doosan Infracore CEO Son Dong-youn presented the company's digital transformation at the CTO Club. The photo shows CEO Sohn Dong-youn giving the lecture.

“Digitalization of the way we work is basic to maintaining competitiveness and profitability in a rapidly changing market, and data-based decision making is the key factor.”

Doosan Infracore CEO Sohn Dong-youn emphasized the importance of DT in the construction machinery industry and presented his company’s DT strategy direction and outcomes at the regular meeting of the Chief Technology Officers Club (CTO Club) held at the Intercontinental Hotel in Samseong-dong, Seoul on June 24.

The CTO Club is a gathering of the top technology management executives of major Korean companies formed by the Korea Industrial Technology Association to share new industrial information and technological innovation trends and focus on developing national technological competitiveness.

“DT is essential for surviving the competition and taking advantage of new business opportunities. Doosan Infracore is solidifying its status as an innovative enterprise by embodying the company’s DT in three aspects: the corporate operation, the way we work, and the business domain,” Sohn Dong-youn said in the lecture.

Sohn cited Doosan Infracore’s “DI 360” as an example of the company’s data-based decision making. Doosan Infracore signed in April 2019 a strategic partnership with Palantir Technology, a US-based unicorn enterprise specializing in big data, and implemented DI 360 as the core platform for data-based decision making. DI 360 is a big data collaboration platform for integrating and analyzing data from R&D to production, sales, and services accumulated by the company over the past 40 years. When production and transport were restricted due to the COVID-19 pandemic last year, Doosan Infracore was able to break through the market crisis by collecting and analyzing the real-time operation information of construction machines sold worldwide and the market information through DI 360 to respond to the market demand in each country quickly.

Sohn is also focusing on strengthening the digital work competency of his employees. The company is building a data-centric, efficient, and creative work culture by supporting coding education and AI learning community activities, fostering data agents, and sharing best practices. “We are breaking away from traditional manufacturing practices by building a data-based collaboration system that integrates, analyzes, and utilizes data from the entire value chain and creating a culture of data-centric thinking and decision-making with DI 360,” Sohn said.

Sohn also emphasized the need for smart construction machines to lead future construction sites along with the growth potential of the smart construction market. He introduced various core future technologies developed by Doosan Infracore over the years, such as autonomous construction machines, measurement automation, and 5G communication-based remote control. According to Sohn’s lecture, Doosan Infracore succeeded in the world’s first ultra-long-distance remote control of construction machines between countries using 5G technology in 2018 and introduced Concept-X, an integrated solution for autonomous control and monitoring of construction sites, in 2019. Doosan Infracore was the world’s first company to implement successfully the operation of the entire process from surveying to earthworks with autonomous construction machines, such as excavators and wheel loaders, by analyzing the data after surveying the terrain with a drone.

Moreover, Doosan Infracore has launched new services to lead the Fourth Industrial Revolution in the construction machinery industry. They include the Doosan Connect service that uses IoT technology to increase workplace management and equipment operation efficiency by analyzing the location, operation status, and main part data of construction machines and XiteCloud service, a smart construction solution optimized for civil aviation engineering using drone surveying and dedicated platform.

"In the future, Doosan Infracore plans to solidify its position as the global leader by providing smart construction machine products and services that combine machine control technology and AI and accelerating the development of hybrid powertrain and electric motor technologies.“ Sohn said.

Doosan Infracore reported the highest quarterly sales (KRW 2.487 trillion) and quarterly operating profit (KRW 295.4 billion) in the first quarter. <End>

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