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Doosan Infracore launches superlarge 100-ton excavator model

- Cutting-edge ‘flagship model’ to penetrate the global market
- Order received from Mongolia and Chile at the same time as the launch

2021. 3. 28
Doosan Infracore will launch a 100-ton excavator, the largest in its product lineup, in world markets simultaneously. The picture shows DX1000LC-7, the new 100-ton excavator model launched by the company.

Doosan Infracore has completed a 100-ton excavator (model name: DX1000LC), the largest in its product lineup, and will launch it in world markets. The company disclosed on March 28 that it signed order contracts in Mongolia and Chile at the same time as the launch.

The product is a flagship model that integrates Doosan Infracore’s latest technologies and performance features. It is the first model being launched by the company under the global platform strategy*.

*Global platform strategy: The advanced production method adds parts and performance specifically for market characteristics to the platform with standard major parts, such as engine and chassis, to respond to each market fast and flexibly.

The product’s maximum bucket capacity is 6.80㎥, or about 1.2 times the company’s previous largest model, the 80-ton excavator, at 5.58㎥. It is 40 times that of the 5-ton excavator (DX55-5K, bucket capacity: 0.175㎥), the best-selling model in Korea.

The product applies the electronic integrated hydraulic system and Smart Power Control, a fuel optimization system developed in-house, to increase fuel economy and provide optimal work performance with loss-free power and speed even under harsh working conditions, such as mines. Moreover, the eco-friendly product applies the world’s best level engine post-processing technologies to meet Europe’s Stage-V and US’s Tier4 Final exhaust regulations.

It applies many technologies for durability and safety to match its flagship status, having adopted advanced durability design techniques. It features the Intelligent Boom function to mitigate work shock to the equipment and AVM (All-around View Monitoring) to provide a 360-degree view around the equipment to maximize durability and safety. It also provides the standard DoosanCONNECT™ service with cutting-edge IoT solution to monitor the machine location information, operation status, and main part status remotely; thus improving ease of equipment maintenance significantly.

The launch of the new 100-ton excavator product was accompanied by news of orders from Chile and Mongolia. The mining company from Chile that ordered one is a major customer operating a total of 30 Doosan Infracore machines. High satisfaction with Doosan Infracore’s large equipment led to the purchase. The 100-ton excavator is expected to be used at a copper mine in Chile. The order from Mongolia was for a 100-ton excavator and an 80-ton excavator. The ordering company operates large gold and iron mines, becoming Doosan Infracore’s new customer with the order.

The superlarge excavator market size worldwide is about 1,000 units annually. Quarries, mines, and large construction companies are the main customers.

“Because of the excellent competitiveness of the previously introduced 80-ton excavator, the new product has drawn high interest from superlarge equipment customers. With the launch of the model, we plan to reinforce our leading position in the market by further strengthening the highly profitable superlarge lineup,” a Doosan Infracore official said. <End>

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