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Doosan Infracore's Mid-sized Excavator Main Control Valve Wins the IR52 Jang Young Shil Award

-The DCV300, a core part of hydraulic control, boosts fuel economy by 12% based on the world's first ‘single block housing’ technology.
-The DCV 300’s global technological competitiveness is recognized following its selection as one of the 'Top 10 Machine Technologies' in 2019.

2020. 11. 23
Doosan Infracore's DCV300 main control valve for mid-sized excavators has won the IR52 Jang Young Shil Award in recognition of its excellence in the development of original technologies category.

Doosan Infracore has proved the technological preeminence of its DCV300, the main control valve for mid-sized excavators, which it has developed on its own.

On 23 November, Doosan Infracore announced that its main DCV300 control valve, a key component used to control hydraulic pressure in an excavator, has won the IR52 Jang Young Shil Award presented by the Ministry of Science and ICT.

The main control valve is a key component that controls the movement and operation of an excavator by transmitting hydraulic pressure to each operating part of the equipment. The component requires the highest level of precision technology for any part used in an excavator, as it has to distribute and control all the power generated by an excavator while blocking any power loss in the process. Doosan has succeeded in developing and commercializing the new DCV300 after working tirelessly for five years from 2014 in collaboration with a domestic supplier specializing in hydraulics throughout the entire design, material development, verification, and manufacturing processes.

The DCV300 is the world's first MCV product to be developed and commercialized as a ‘mono-block housing’ for medium-sized excavators. Doosan Infracore’s mono-block housing type MCV improves fuel efficiency by 12% and reduces manufacturing costs by more than 20% compared to the existing combined-type MCV. In addition to its outstanding durability, the MCV excels in expandability, as it is designed to be used in a next-generation hydraulic system combining electrical and electronic technology, too.

A representative of Doosan Infracore said, “The DCV300 has been recognized for its global technological competitiveness by winning the Jang Young Shil Award this year, having already been honored as one of the ‘Top 10 Technologies of the Year’ (sponsored by the Korean Federation of Mechanical Engineering Societies) in 2019,” adding, "We will continue to develop innovative technologies by applying the technological know-how we have accumulated through the development of the DCV300 to the development of the nextgeneration of electronic hydraulic systems.”

Launched in 1991, the IR52 Jang Young Shil Award is the country’s most iconic industrial technology award. It aims to discover outstanding technology research outcomes achieved by Korean companies and recognize one product every week for 52 weeks per year. Doosan Infracore’s DCV300 has been selected as an excellent technology for the 46th week of the year. The company previously won the Jang Young Shil Award in 2012 and 2013 for 'the abrasion resistant excavator front joint' and 'the eco-friendly small diesel engine’ (G2 engine), respectively.