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Doosan Infracore Enhances Suppliers’ EHS Competitiveness

- DI provides EHS technical consulting to 28 suppliers.
- Company aims to establish an advanced EHS workplace including suppliers.

2020. 10. 14
Doosan Infracore’s Executive MD Seongkwon Park (R) and Seoyon Top Metal’s CEO Wonjae Choi (L), along with their staffers and executives, pose for a photo following the execution of the ‘Supplier EHS Support Consulting Agreement for Shared Growth.’

Doosan Infracore has initiated efforts to boost its suppliers’ competitiveness in the field of EHS (environment, health, and safety).

On 13 October, Doosan Infracore signed a ‘Supplier EHS Support Consulting Agreement for Shared Growth’ with one of its key suppliers, Seoyon Top Metal Co., Ltd. The Company plans to execute a similar agreement with the remaining twenty-seven suppliers in succession and to provide each of them with customized EHS support consulting services.

To build a virtuous cycle partnership with its suppliers, Doosan Infracore has provided them with various types of support in the fields of technology and funding, among others. It has now been expanded to include comprehensive EHS consulting services for its suppliers’ workplaces in the areas of safety, firefighting, environment, and electricity in particular.

The specifics of the four major areas of support are as follows: (1) Environment (wastewater treatment, air pollution prevention facilities, licensing, etc.); (2) Safety (fatal accident hazards including risks associated with falls and heavy objects); (3) Firefighting (fire and explosion hazards associated with painting and explosive materials); and (4) Electricity (devices susceptible to high voltage current accidents such as transformers and distribution boards).

Upon concluding the agreement, CEO Wonjae Choi of Seoyon Top Metal said, “We are thrilled to learn from Doosan Infracore about its advanced EHS management system,” adding, “We will create a safe, accident-free work environment as a means of securing sustainable corporate competitiveness.”

Doosan Infracore has been striving for some time to strengthen its suppliers' fundamental competitiveness. For the past six years, it has run a ‘Leading Supplier’ program designed to enhance its suppliers’ competitiveness by sharing its advanced working practices and innovative technical solutions with more than thirty suppliers. In 2019, World Tube Co., Ltd. improved the quality of its hydraulic pipe welding by more than 50%, while Tae Hwa Co., Ltd., a company specializing in mechanical welding, improved its delivery compliance by over 28% thanks to their participation in the program.

“It is a global trend for major businesses to pay keen interest to their suppliers’ EHS risks as well as their own,” said an executive from Doosan Infracore. “We will build an advanced EHS workplace across the board by raising the EHS level of our suppliers beyond the relevant global requirements.”