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Doosan Infracore launches the ‘Biggest’ 80-Ton Excavator on the Korean Market

- The Company has launched its 'flagship' excavator, a state-of-the-art technology-intensive model whose competitiveness has been validated in China and emerging markets.
- DI plans to launch the product in Europe and North America as well and ‘to boost its corporate position as a global leader based on its technological prowess’.

2020. 10. 18
Doosan Infracore has launched its flagship model, the DX800LC, in Korea. The largest machine in its excavator lineup, the model boasts all the latest technologies in such areas as productivity, safety, and eco-friendliness.

Doosan Infracore has just launched its ultra-large excavator, whose performance and quality have already been validated overseas, in the Korean market.

The Company announced on 18 October 2020 that it would begin domestic sales of the DX800LC, an 80-ton excavator, the largest model in its excavator lineup.

The DX800LC, as Doosan Infracore's flagship model, features all of the company’s latest technologies. It was selected as one of 'Top-15 Industrial Technology Achievements in 2019' by the National Academy of Engineering of Korea, a recognition awarded to the country’s most outstanding products of the year in terms of industrial technology.

The DX800LC is more than thirteen times larger than the company’s DX55-5K 5-ton excavator, the top seller in the Korean market, while its bucket capacity (4.64㎥) is almost twenty-seven times that of the DX55-5K (0.175㎥).

Equipped with ‘Smart Power Control,’ an electronic integrated hydraulic system developed by Doosan Infracore, the model boasts unrivaled operational performance and fuel economy. It distributes the optimum hydraulic pressure according to the needs of each operating part, and minimizes unnecessary hydraulic operation while waiting for work in order to deliver the highest productivity imaginable. The largest model also excels in eco-friendliness thanks to the adoption of the world’s most advanced exhaust after-treatment technologies.

In terms of durability and safety, the large excavator has adopted a host of new technologies befitting of its status as the company’s flagship model, including an intelligent boom function that mitigates impacts on the equipment, and an all-around view monitoring (AVM) system that provides the operator with a 3600 field of vision at a glance.

Doosan Infracore also actively supports its customers with a maintenance service based on the most sophisticated IoT technologies: The ‘DoosanCONNECT™’ solution, offered as a standard item, enables them to remotely monitor location, operational status, and the status of major parts, among other things.

The global market for ultra-large excavators including the 80-ton model is estimated to be around 1,000 units per year, with the majority of customers engaged in the mining of raw materials such as coal and gold. In the three years since it was launched in China and emerging markets, the DX800LC has proven its competitiveness with consistent sales growth. Following the launch of the Korean model on the local market, Doosan Infracore plans to introduce the new excavator in Europe and North America, customized for their respective needs.

“We are continuing to expand our market presence in the entire lineup of excavators following our impressive sales performance in the market for mini excavators of less than 5 tons, the reinforcement of our mid-to-large excavator lineup, and the launch of lucrative ultra-large excavators in rapidly growing overseas markets,” said an executive of Doosan Infracore, “With the flagship DX800LC model, we will prove our unrivaled technological prowess and consolidate our position as a trailblazer in the global market in the near future.”

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