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Doosan Infracore Wins Contract to Supply 10 Large 50-ton Excavators to Saudi Arabia

- Saudi customer purchases more equipment following order for 10 ADTs in early 2020 for a huge construction project in Riyadh.
- “DI aims to boost sales with enhanced lineup and flexible response to market changes.”

2020. 9. 3
The DX520LCA, Doosan Infracore’s 50-ton class large excavator, is gaining traction in the Middle East market.

Doosan Infracore continues to win construction equipment contracts from a prominent customer in the Middle East.

On 3 September 2020, Doosan Infracore announced that it had signed a contract to supply ten 50-ton excavators (DX520LCA) after beating leading global construction equipment manufacturers in a bid hosted by a Saudi Arabian construction company. Doosan Infracore introduced its 50-ton excavators to the customer, who praised the products for their outstanding performance, price, and customer service in particular.

Fully satisfied with Doosan Infracore's construction equipment, the customer is using various types of construction equipment supplied by the company in its large-scale construction project in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Having already purchased ten articulated dump trucks (ADTs) from Doosan Infracore in early 2020, the Saudi contractor will be using more than fifty pieces of Doosan Infracore construction equipment including 70-ton excavators, wheel loaders, ADTs, and the latest purchase (50-ton excavators).

Although the construction equipment market in the Middle East has stagnated due to low oil prices and the COVID-19 pandemic, Doosan Infracore has maintained a market share of more than 10 % in the region by launching competitive new products and implementing an integrated customer service called 'DoosanCARE’ while striving to continue winning large accounts.

“We are reinforcing our product lineup, including large excavators, in order to flexibly respond to the rapidly changing market environment and fierce competition in the region,” said an executive from Doosan Infracore. “We plan to focus on expanding our sales in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, in particular, as large excavators account for a relatively high proportion of their construction equipment markets.”