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Doosan Infracore Joining Forces with the Game Engine Developer 'Unity' to Spur Development of Smart Construction Solutions

- Signed an MOU on 'Mutual Cooperation for the Development of a Construction Process Simulator’
- The ‘Digital Twin’ virtual verification technology to boost productivity and safety in construction sites

2020. 8. 13
On 13 August 2020, Doosan Infracore signed an MOU with the game engine developer Unity on the collaboration for the development of a construction process simulator.

Doosan Infracore has joined hands with the world-class game engine developer ’Unity’ to accelerate advances in its smart construction solutions.

On August 13th 2020, Doosan Infracore announced that it signed an MOU with Unity Technologies Korea for mutual cooperation in the development of a construction process simulator. The cooperative project with a game engine developer, the first in the domestic construction equipment industry, is also rare in the global construction equipment industry.

Unity is a global game engine company that has created the world's most used real-time 3D development platform to date. A game engine is the base software required to make graphics look real. The Unity Game Engine was installed and used more than 37 billion times worldwide in 2019.

Suitable for the realization of virtual and augmented reality (AR and VR), the game engine has been evaluated to be incredibly useful in various industries such as shipbuilding, logistics, and construction.

Doosan Infracore and Unity have agreed to join forces to develop a ‘simulator’ that can materialize various virtual construction processes. With game engines and technical know-how provided by Unity, Doosan Infracore will be responsible for the design and development of various key functions based on its newly designed basic simulator architecture.

To develop the simulator jointly, Doosan Infracore and Unity will tap a ‘digital twin’ technology to materialize the diverse physical elements of a construction site where various construction machines, including excavators, operate side by side, in a virtual environment.

In the development process, focus will be placed not only on the improvement of on-site operational efficiency, but also the identification of possible errors and safety accidents in the planning stage, so that more sophisticated and faster construction work will become possible.

Following the simulator development, the two companies agreed to continue to work together to advance virtual verification technology by adding functions such as cloud computing and simulator editor. In the field of marketing, they have agreed to cooperate to develop sustainable business models between them.

CEO Kim In-sook of Unity Technologies Korea said, “The Doosan Infracore simulator to be developed based on the Unity game engine can be of great help in accurately predicting complex variables that may occur in actual construction sites,” adding, “We expect our joint efforts with Doosan Infracore to dramatically increase the smart (digital) capabilities of the local construction industry.”

Lee Dong-wook, Vice President of Doosan Infracore Technology Institute, said, “The simulator to be developed with Unity is one of the core technologies required for the materialization of Doosan Infracore’s future-oriented construction site solutions Concept-X,” adding, “We will actively promote cross-industrial open innovation while taking the lead in value creation and paradigm shift in the infrastructure solution field.”

On August 13th 2020, Doosan Infracore signed an MOU with the game engine developer, Unity, on the development of a construction process simulator which is expected to become one of the core technologies adopted by the Concept-X (pictured), the unmanned automated integrated control solution for construction sites, which Doosan Infracore introduced in 2019 for the first time in the world.