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Doosan Infracore’s 80-ton Super-Large Smart Excavator Selected as the Industrial Technology of the Year

- Chosen as one of ‘Top 15 Industrial Technological Advances 2019’ announced by the National Academy of Engineering of Korea (NAEK)
- The DX800LC, Doosan Infracore’s flagship model equipped with cutting-edge technology, boosts performance and durability by 10% and 60% respectively

2019. 10. 16

On 16 October 2019, Doosan Infracore announced that its super-large 80-ton excavator (DX800LC) had been selected by the NAEK as one of ‘Top 15 Industrial Technological Advances 2019’.

Last year the NAEK launched the Industrial Technological Advances Exploration Committee, which evaluated outstanding new technologies that made significant achievements in the local industry from the second half of 2018 to the first half of 2019. Over a period of four months, the committee carefully reviewed the new technologies in terms of creativity, uniqueness, market contribution, and social impact before announcing the ‘Industrial Technological Advances 2019’.

The DX800LC, Doosan Infracore’s flagship model, is an 80-ton (equipment weight) super-large excavator equipped with cutting-edge technology. It was launched in 2018 after three years of development starting in 2015.

The new model offers improved productivity and fuel efficiency of more than 10% over comparable models in the market thanks to the adoption of D-ECOPOWER, an electronically integrated fuel efficiency technology developed by Doosan Infracore. The model is also equipped with FEH (full electric hydraulic), a new state-of-the-art technology that electronizes the entire hydraulic system including the main control valve (MVC), the machine’s core hydraulic component.

The durability of the DX800LC’s main components have been improved by more than 60%, while its operational safety has been maximized with the adoption of the all-around view monitoring (AVM) system and the rear cross traffic alert system. Doosan Infracore is planning to apply the latest technologies developed for the DX800LC, including D-ECOPOWER and FEH, to other models.

An executive of Doosan Infracore said, “The DX800LC, which has been developed as the company’s flagship excavator, not only delivers greater productivity than comparable products in the market, but also features enhanced strength and steadiness, enabling it to operate in the harshest working environments,” adding, “On top of our basic 80-ton model designed for emerging markets as well as the Chinese market, we are working to develop a model for the North American and European markets, which are subject to stricter emissions regulations.”