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Doosan Infracore Appoints Four ‘Meisters,’ First-Rate Field Tech Experts

Doosan Infracore introduces the ‘Meister’ system in a bid to systematically nurture technicians and boost their pride…Meister, the ‘Highest Honor’

2019. 4. 1

On March 1 Doosan Infracore announced that it had appointed four ‘Meisters,’ or first-rate field tech experts, for the first time since it introduced the Meister system in 2017.

‘Meister’ is the highest honor that the company grants to technical experts who have excelled in specific technical fields over an extended period of time. Doosan Infracore introduced the system in an effort to systematically foster its technicians and encourage them to take greater pride in their contributions to the company. The selection of the Meisters was carried out over a six-month period based on an evaluation and validation of the candidates’ competency, fact-finding 360-degree interviews with their colleagues, and a comprehensive assessment (including in-depth interviews) conducted by the company’s Professional Technology Committee.

The four recently selected Meisters include Juho Kim, technical general manager of the Heavy BG (34 years in calibration and testing); Jongyeol Lee, technical general manager of the Heavy BG (30 years in welding technology); Taegwan Oh, technical general manager of the Engine BG (34 years in engine assembly); and Seyoung Jang, technical general manager of the Engine BG (31 years in engine assembly and facility maintenance). All four Meisters have acquired the highest level of technical competence in the industry while working in their respective fields for more than thirty years, earning the respect of their peers and serving as role models for their subordinates.

Juho Kim and Jongyoul Lee of the Heavy BG had previously been recognized as top-tier technicians in their respective fields of expertise in 2017 when they were inscribed on the list of ‘Michuhol Masters,’ an honor awarded to technical masters working in Incheon Metropolitan City by the municipal government.

“It is a great honor to have been selected as one of the company’s first Meisters. I will do my utmost to pass on all my technical skills and know-how to my juniors,” said Seyoung Jang of the Engine BG. “I will also strive to contribute to the company’s efforts to introduce innovations in productivity and quality in my capacity as a technical expert.”

Doosan Infracore appointed the four Meisters according to the new technical personnel management system that it introduced in January 2017. The new system offers all of the company’s technical staff a choice of two tracks: the ‘technical expert track’ which helps employees to develop their skills as top-tier technical masters, and the ‘field manager track’ which helps them to develop into field executives.

A Doosan Infracore executive said, “The company will continue to nurture the personal growth of its technical staff in a systematic way so that they can immerse themselves in their duties with the greatest pride and form part of the virtuous cycle that is driving the growth of the entire organization.”